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The objective of our daily commitment to the Men and Women in the Moret Industries Group is to develop everyone’s competence and skills so that each member of staff achieves increased autonomy, has greater opportunity to express their talents and can take care of their everyday tasks with confidence. We give our staff the opportunity and capacity to be responsible and show initiative by acknowledging the fact that people can make mistakes.


The Cordée project deals with career development within the Moret Industries Group. Each staff member benefits from a personalised career development program where evolution inside the Group is privileged.


The corporate culture is based on the balance between the behaviour expected from each staff member (adherence to corporate values) and what the company can give to each one in return (the corporate culture). Each staff member is responsible for this balance on an everyday basis.

Giving each individual the opportunity to develop their skills by giving meaning to what they do and thus allow them to enjoy job satisfaction, that is the objective of our commitment to each staff member of the Moret Industries Group.

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Charmes / France

8 février 2017

Charmes / France

5 février 2017

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